Cat and Dog Boarding
for Our Established Clients
in Kenosha, WI

If you need to leave town but won’t be able to take your pet with you, consider boarding them with people you know and trust! Kenosha Animal Hospital offers a clean, comfortable environment for our four-legged guests, along with friendly, attentive care from our veterinary team and staff. One of the perks about boarding with your veterinarian is knowing medical care, if it’s needed, is never far away. Since we know your pet and their medical history, we can provide your pet with the best treatment and they’ll feel more at home among familiar faces.

We can give you peace of mind.

Call us today at (262) 658-3533 to make a boarding reservation for your pet.

What You Can Expect When You Board Your Pet with Us

Truthfully, boarding a pet, especially for the first time, can be stressful. Here at Kenosha Animal Hospital, we do our very best to make visiting dogs and cats feel at home by sticking to their regular daily routine as much as possible with regard to feeding times, bathroom breaks, medication, and treats.

In addition, our hospital provides:

  • Clean, fresh water at all times
  • A bland, palatable diet for pets with sensitive stomachs (if preferred)
  • Daily kennel cleanings with new, comfortable bedding provided each day
  • Multiple bathroom breaks each day for dogs
  • Daily litter box cleanings for cats
  • The administration of medication as directed
  • As much personal attention to your pet as possible

Bringing Food and Other Items from Home

For the most part, we recommend that dogs and cats come supplied with their own daily diet from home. Often, pets are kept on a special diet to support their health, and we want to maintain that. Also, changing diet may actually trigger an upset stomach and cause undue stress.

If your pet takes medication daily, please bring it along in its original container, and make sure medications and food both come with clear instructions. Please provide us with feeding and medicating times, so we can follow your pet’s normal schedule.

We recommend keeping toys and other personal items, like blankets and beds, to a minimum. We cannot guarantee that toys and bedding brought from home won’t get damaged.

small dog eating from large bowl

New to Boarding Your Pet?

We would love to answer any questions you have about our cat and dog boarding facilities, our boarding policy, and health requirements. Our team can also give you a tour of the building. Just call (262) 658-3533 to find out more, request a time to stop in, or schedule a reservation!