Pet Surgery in Kenosha, WI

Surgery is an important part of every pet’s long-term health program. We recommend routine spays and neuters for all our patients, but our hospital in Kenosha, WI can provide other surgeries as well for the benefit of your dog or cat’s health. While we understand that the expectation of putting your pet through surgery might be stressful, we can assure you that safety is always our highest priority. Your veterinarian will be glad to sit down with you to answer your questions, explain what decisions you will have to make, and let you know what to expect when your pet is ready to be sent home to recover.

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Will the Anesthesia be Safe for My Pet?

General anesthesia for dogs and cats is safer than ever, and in addition to anesthetic, we also use the latest, most reliable monitoring equipment to keep an eye on your pet’s vital signs. To further reduce anesthesia risks, we:

  • Carefully examine your pet prior to surgery to ensure they’re healthy and able to metabolize the anesthetic without any trouble
  • Adjust the type and amount of anesthetic your pet receives to accommodate their health and needs
  • Perform pre-anesthetic blood testing to make sure your pet’s liver and kidneys are functioning well and able to handle the anesthetic
  • Provide IV fluids during surgery to support blood pressure and keep patients hydrated
  • Can provide additional blood testing, electrocardiograms, and/or X-rays for older pets or pets with a history of medical issues
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Is My Pet Going to be in Pain
After Their Surgery?

At Kenosha Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to minimize pain after surgery. Naturally, there will be some discomfort when they awaken from the anesthesia. To alleviate this discomfort, we will send you and your pet home with prescribed oral medication. Because cats are more difficult to medicate, we will administer a pain relief injection right before their procedure. If necessary, we can send cats home with oral medication as well.

Providing Additional Services
During Surgery

When your pet is under anesthesia, this can be a convenient time for us to provide other, minor services. This can include a teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, microchipping, and a nail trim. Be sure to let us know ahead of time which services your pet will need during their visit.

Please contact us at (262) 658-3533 if you have any questions about our surgery policies, procedures, and more.

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