In-House Diagnostics for Dogs and Cats in Kenosha, WI

Evaluating your pet’s health fully requires more than a physical exam; we have several advanced diagnostic tools available at our hospital that can provide us with a more detailed and complete picture of their current condition. Making sure your pet is getting the best treatment is important to us, and that requires having reliable, state-of-the-art equipment on hand to guide their care. With our in-house laboratory, digital radiography and ultrasound, we can go much further in diagnosing underlying issues and applying a treatment plan that best suits your pet’s needs.

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Lab Testing for Faster, Better Results

Kenosha Animal Hospital is equipped with a full in-house laboratory, which allows our veterinary team to provide same-day testing and faster results for pets with urgent health problems. Our advanced machinery can process a variety of samples in a matter of minutes, so you and your pet won’t have to wait.

For routine, non-urgent testing, we can help you save on testing costs by sending samples out to other laboratories. Results usually come back within 24 hours, and your veterinarian will contact you as soon as they can to go over your pet’s diagnostic report.

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Digital X-ray and Ultrasound

Along with our in-house testing lab, our hospital also offers digital radiography and ultrasound technology. Both of these tools are invaluable for assessing your pet’s health more fully and detecting potential problems with more precision and accuracy.

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Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray is far superior to traditional film X-ray, because it uses less radiation and allows us to process X-ray images faster, without having to constantly re-position your pet. Digital images are also much sharper and higher in contrast. Another benefit is that we can send files containing your pet’s X-ray images to other doctors or specialists as needed, and we can even send them to you.


With ultrasound, we use sound waves instead of X-rays to produce real-time images of the soft tissue organs. Unlike X-ray, ultrasound is more effective at providing us a clear view of the organs and blood vessels, and can help our team diagnose tumors, fluid in the abdomen, and other issues.