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Posted By :    Stephanie C
Posted :    1/13/2016
Comments :    Dr. Carlisle and Dr. Reynolds both saw Buster when he was having problems with his hind leg. It was pretty serious at the time, and we were terrified that we would have to put our best friend down. Never have I been so sad and stressed in my entire life, knowing I might have to say goodbye. We brought Buster in to start medical treatment and throughout the next few months Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Carlisle took Buster into their own hands. I watched patiently but anxiously as they took their time with Buster. They showed they cared and you could tell they wanted Buster to get well. I had so much hope, and prayed everyday that they could cure him. Sure enough, Buster slowly started getting better day by day. Today he is running around happier then can be! All of my stress and worries went away, and I thanked God that Buster was in such good hands. My appreciation cannot be expressed on how happy I was. Buster is doing well. Happy, healthy, and wagging his little tail!
Posted By :    Karen Flahive  (
Posted :    6/25/2014
Comments :    Dr. Carlisle treated my Wilson's diabetes for about 3 1/2 years. He was always so wonderful with him and taught us how to care properly for Wilson. A few days ago, the end came for our dear little fellow who was just about to turn 13. The staff and Dr. Carlisle were compassionate and treated Wilson with the utmost respect and tenderness. They allowed me hold Wilson as he took his last breath and I was able to feel his heart beat its last beat on my leg. He assured me this was the right and humane thing to do. The care we always got was top-notch and we are very, very grateful. Again, thank you so much. Your hard work and dedication are noticed and appreciated!
Posted By :    Linda Verbracken  (
Posted :    10/21/2012
Comments :    I would like to thank two doctors, first Doctor Reynolds for his compassion when I had to put my dog down last year. The staff was very compassionate as well. And more recent Doctor Varnari, I had to bring in my cat he had a bladder blockage she was wonderful, understanding and did the very best for him. I brought him home today he is not quite himself yet but getting there. He is getting a lot of TLC from me and I just want to thank Doctor Varnari. : )
Posted By :    Sue S.
Posted :    2/24/2012
Comments :    Dr. Carlisle - Thank you for taking excellent care of Shadow. Both of her surgeries have been successful and the laser treatments have been very healing. You are her favorite doc! I truly appreciate your caring attitude towards your patients and their owners. You always go the extra mile!
Posted By :    Jimmie & Cheryl
Posted :    2/13/2012
Comments :    Dear Dr. Carlisle and Staff: We wanted to write you a brief note to offer our profuse thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for the excellent and sensitive care you have shown to us and our four legged family members over the past 30 plus years. Dr. Nordstrom initially cared for our first boxer, Dixie. Care for our second boxer, Duchess was shared by Doctor N. and you. Our feline friend, Smokey, was cared for by you folks over a 16 year period. As you know, we recently had to say good bye to Smokey as she was just too tired to continue to entertain us with her antics. Thank you for doing everything possible to make her comfortable during her last month or so with us. Your willingness to come in on your day off to help us say goodbye speaks to your dedication and commitment to those you serve. We have been shown nothing but kindness over the years by everyone at your hospital. It is regretful that those sensibilities are not extended patients at most hospitals which serve us humans. We have been blessed by being able to serve as caretakers and guardians now for three of God’s creatures. They have brought joy, companionship, and unparalleled dedication to our home. Thank you for all of your tender loving care of Dixie, Duchess, and Smokey and kindness demonstrated to them and to us through both the good times and tough times. And finally, thank you so much for the thoughtful note you sent following our loss of Smokey. May God bless you as you continue your work with His creation.
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