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Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)


Our doctors at Kenosha Animal Hospital have been watching the Canine Influenza Virus issues very closely.   The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture confirmed today that Wisconsin has its first case of canine influenza virus (CIV), or dog flu, with a Dane County dog diagnosed this week.  The dog may have contracted the virus during a recent trip to the Chicago area where hundreds of dogs have fallen ill since January and five dogs have died.  There is concern that there may be more dogs exhibiting flu symptoms in the coming days with families traveling on spring break and visiting family for the holiday bringing their canine companions along. 

There is a vaccine available for CIV and Kenosha Animal Hospital anticipates having the vaccinations available by Friday or Saturday (4/10 or 4/11).  Vaccine must be given initially in two doses about 2-4 weeks apart and is considered highly effective in preventing illness.  This vaccination is strongly encouraged for dogs considered at risk of exposure which are those dogs who go to doggy day care, boarding or grooming facilities, dog parks, or any other place around a lot of dogs and also those dogs whose immune systems are compromised such as very young dogs, older dogs and dogs with chronic health issues.  

More information about CIV is available on the AVMA and CDC websites.